BREAKING: Joe Biden GUILTY In New Report - Americans React...

August 1, 2022

A new Suffolk University/USA TODAY survey found that four in ten Americans have been forced to cut back on groceries and other daily items thanks to President Biden's record inflation that is crushing American budgets.

Things have gotten so bad under President Biden that inflation has risen to record levels, and now many Americans are talking about "Bidenflation."

Essential commodities like food and fuel have skyrocketed in price, and Americans who have just recovered from the pandemic are being hit hard by this new crisis.

A report from the Department of Labor found that gasoline alone had risen a jaw-dropping 59.9%.

That has forced Americans to change their habits as they have less discretionary funds. The survey found that 59.4% of respondents have already begun eating out less than they did before.

One can only imagine the effect this will have on Americans voting habits in the midterm elections. President Biden is the guilty party here, and the Democrat Party will have to bear the wrath of the American people in November.

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