BREAKING: Joe Biden Goes Under Water - It's The End...

October 29, 2022

It isn't just his general rating, or one issue. Joe Biden is deep underwater on a variety of issues.

That's the last thing liberals wanted to hear just about one week away from midterms.

Americans simply don't trust what the left is doing right now, and it's starting to show in recent poll numbers. Democrats have tried a sudden pivot in recent weeks, but it's already too late for many of them.

If Joe Biden were up for reelection this November, his goose would be already cooked as well.

Overall, 51% disapprove compared to just 42% who approve.

On immigration, 54% disapprove compared to 31% who approve.

The economy is just as bad, 48% of Americans disapprove with just 40% approving.

It's happening across every issue Biden has been dealing with. The number is no different for other liberals. Biden is their leader, and it shows.

How else would they have gotten to this terrible of a position in the first place?

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