BREAKING: Joe Biden Goes Down Hard - America Cringing...

August 24, 2022

Biden's approval rating isn't getting better, no matter what he does. The most recent NBC News poll shows that Biden's ratings have not recovered since his all-time low in March.

He raised gas three dollars, then brought it back down one dollar, and wanted credit for cutting gas prices.

He just cancelled student loans for most Americans that carry them so that the responsible part of the population can pay the loans off for the idiots that took them.

Americans are furious about the debt cancellation. It's a slap in the face to anyone that has met their societal obligation to pay off the loans.

Joe Biden is a failure as our President, and it's been clear for a while. He's an embarrassment to our country.

That's why only 42% of Americans think the man is doing a good job.

Because the man is NOT doing a good job.

Even the lies from the federal government and the liberal media can't save Biden now.

America already knows he's a liar.

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