BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets SLAMMED By GOP Insider - Worn Out...

November 1, 2022

Sen. Bill Haggerty (R-TN) blasted President Joe Biden on Fox News on Monday for following a "worn-out" Obama "path of destruction" that is allowing GOP candidates to surge ahead in a number of polls heading up to the midterm elections.

"Herschel is definitely making the sale right now," Haggerty said after meeting with him in Georgia. "He’s connecting. In fact, you have got Warnock so concerned that he brought Obama back in. But it’s not Obama on the ballot, as you say. It’s these worn-out Obama-era policies.”

Haggerty continued, "And that’s what’s taking the Democrats down the path of destruction. And that’s why the Republicans, you see, are surging right now."

"Democrats and the media really tried to write the epitaph of the Republican party" back in August, Haggerty went on.

"But what you’re seeing is a movement back in every one of these states," he said, referencing North Carolina and New Hampshire as other states where he thinks Republicans will muster last-minute victories.

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