BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Busted Over Violence - GOP Shows Truth...

September 1, 2022

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) pushed back on criticism that he was condoning violence by saying that there would be riots if former President Donald Trump is prosecuted, pointing to Vice President Kamala Harris's solicitation of donations to bail out rioters during the George Floyd riots.

Graham said on Jesse Waters Primetime, "[I]f you want to talk about political violence, I reject it. I reject it on January 6. I reject it in Portland. I reject it in New York City."

He then turned the tables on Biden: "So, why don’t you talk, President Biden, to your own Vice President? You know, one way to encourage political violence is to bail out people who attacked the cops on the streets of New York and Black Lives Matter riots? The Vice President of the United States’ staff raised money to bail people out of jail who rioted in New York, who attacked the cops, and they went right back to crime. You don’t hear much about that, do you?”

"I reject violence, but I also reject a double standard here,” he said.

Saying what you think is going to happen is different than saying you want it to happen, but it seems like the political left has completely lost sight of that.

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