BREAKING: Joe Biden Found Underwater - Issues Developing...

July 7, 2022

Yet another poll came out this week showing that President Joe Biden is underwater in his overall approval rating as well as his approval on key issues important to the American people.

The Yahoo! News/YouGov survey showed that only 38% approved of Biden while 54% disapproved, leaving him 16% underwater. 60% in the poll said he should not run for election again in 2024.

On specific issues, he was 28 points underwater on the economy, 9 points under on race, 17 points under on guns, and 11 points under on climate change.

He was also 21 points underwater on crime, 12 points under on the war in Ukraine, and 24 points underwater on abortion.

Some of these are surprising, since they are issues a majority of Americans seem to agree with Biden about, but we just can't underestimate the negative feelings people have toward Biden right now.

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