BREAKING: Joe Biden Found To Be Incompetent - WOW

July 6, 2022

Americans aren't the only ones blaming President Joe Biden for ruining our country.

While Biden and his administration continue to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for literally everything, Americans, and now Chinese and global media, see through the blame game and know exactly who is responsible for the bad situation America is in.

"China’s state propaganda outlets observed America’s Independence Day on Monday with a barrage of commentary predicting the short-term demise of the United States and calling the holiday 'miserable,' specifically blaming President Joe Biden’s 'incompetence' for the allegedly bleak day," reported Breitbart News.

"This year’s celebration will not be very popular among American people, and is likely to be miserable," the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China, wrote.

"Such a gloomy atmosphere would also be amplified by the widely shared disappointment toward the US government," the newspaper continued.

"If a person has symptoms similar to the US, they should see a psychologist first," the Global Times said, adding to the gut punches.

"The People’s Daily proclaimed this year’s Independence Day celebrations a failure explicitly as a result of 'public anger over incompetence of [the] Biden administration' in an article by state propagandist Chen Qingqing," reported Breitbart News.

Chen wrote, "the Biden administration appeared to be disconnected from reality, showing little efficiency in responding to public demands and instead shifting the blame to other countries such as Russia and China," citing unnamed "experts" who predict that Biden’s "chaotic and incompetent policy-making process will only make the situation worse."

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