BREAKING: Joe Biden ESCAPES And Goes Home - Here's Why...

August 9, 2022

President Joe Biden has escaped coronavirus quarantine and ran off to Delaware on Sunday on yet another vacation. This comes after the President spent the past two weeks in and out of quarantine as he battled Covid-19.

The President joins First Lady Jill Biden, who has spent the past two weeks in Delaware while the President was quarantined.

President Biden told reporters, "I'm feeling good," as he left for his 48th trip to Delaware since he was sworn into office.

The President has made a habit of constantly running off to Delaware no matter the state of the nation or the world. Even when Russia first invaded Ukraine, President Biden still decided to take a vacation to Delaware.

Now a similar situation is developing in Southeast Asia as China continues to ramp up tensions with Taiwan.

The President doesn't seem to care about the dire situation abroad. Russia and China know that President Biden is weak and won't oppose them, and that's why peace is endangered worldwide.

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