BREAKING: Joe Biden Diagnosis Shocks America - Not Normal...

July 13, 2022

Even though some of them are finally starting to turn on him, Joe Biden still has his fair share of those in the lamestream media that will go to the ends of the earth in order to protect him.

At least two authors at the Washington Post are doing their best to buck that trend.

While many liberals have been shouting again and again that Joe Biden's poll numbers are just low because of grumpy conservatives, John Sides and Robert Griffin of the Post recently wrote that Biden's numbers are exactly where they should be.

The reason? Joe Biden assured us that normalcy would return after he became President.

He promised to bring us out of the dark ages of COVID and rioting and restore normalcy to America.

To say that that hasn't happened would be a horrific understatement.

"When Joe Biden was elected president, a common refrain was that he would usher in a new era of 'normalcy' after four chaotic years of President Donald Trump," the authors wrote. "But in certain ways, normalcy hasn’t returned. This is visible first and foremost in the inflation rate, which in May was higher than at any point since 1981."

"This growing inflation, and the resulting pessimism about the economy, has restored one thing to normal: the historical relationship between how Americans view the economy and how they view the president."

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