BREAKING: Joe Biden Diagnosis Goes Terribly - White House Scrambling..

August 9, 2022

America has spoken, and what it is saying is NOT what Joe Biden wanted to here:

Our economy is failing, and the citizens of this great country don't see it getting any better anytime soon.

Currently, 69% of Americans believe that the economy is getting worse every day. Another 18% are frustrated that the economy is dreadful and not improving.

Combined, that's 87% of Americans that have a problem with Biden's current economy.

It needs to get better, and it needs to get better fast.

The people that make up the backbone of America are running out of time.

The simple fact is that American voters trust Republicans more than Democrats right now.

America is in a mess, and liberals are the ones that put us there.

We saw it happen. Despite what liberals think about us, we're not stupid. We know what's going on.

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