BREAKING: Joe Biden Diagnosis Devastates Family And White House - WOW

August 9, 2022

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) tore into Democrats for protecting President Joe Biden during an interview on Saturday's FNC's "One Nation."

Senator Graham pointed out that because of President Biden's clearly declining physical and mental health, China has been emboldened to get aggressive with Taiwan.

Senator Graham explained that "So here's the deal: China is flexing their muscles because Biden's administration is dumb and weak. Every time Putin threatens Ukraine, we got weak. Instead of imposing sanctions when he built up his army on the border [of Ukraine], we didn't want to provoke him. Instead of flowing in weapons before the invasion, we didn't want to provoke Putin."

President Biden is weak and the despots of the world know it. The President is not mentally sound and his health is also in question, which is why there is war in Ukraine.

Now war could come to Southeast Asia and Democrats don't have to courage to step up and demand that the President step aside in favor of someone more capable.

Ukraine is paying the price for the President's weakness and Taiwan could be next. There are consequences to electing someone who's clearly declining and those consequences could be too much to bear.

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