BREAKING: Joe Biden DEATH Warrant Report Shocks Nation - Details Coming In...

October 27, 2022

Jim Rickards is a big deal in the world of politics, national security, and finance.

He's an ex-CIA Insider and financial advisor to the Pentagon. Long story short, the man knows his stuff. And Biden does NOT.

"The U.S. dollar as we know it is doomed," Rickards says. "President Biden signed the death warrant himself on March 9th with Executive Order 14067."

"This is a pretty sinister move by the President, to tell you the truth, I bet 99 percent of Americans have no idea about it. What’s worse, it could spell disaster for the wealth of millions of Americans – at a time when inflation is already destroying their purchasing power."

Wow, you mean like every other liberal plan?

The left is simply out of control at this point. Joe Biden and other liberals simply won't stop money that we don't have and giving it to people we don't like.

The only people getting rich because of Biden are other top liberals and the Chinese government.

He's leaving American people to die.

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