BREAKING: Joe Biden Death Announcement Shocks World - Report Confirmed...

July 5, 2022

As the war in Ukraine continues to drag on, the populace of the besieged nation is beginning to turn, not on Russian President Vladimir Putin, but on President Joe Biden.

As Russia prepares to launch a major offensive on Slovyansk in Ukraine's Donbas region, some Ukrainian citizens are blaming the Ukrainian government and the man they believe is calling the shots, Joe Biden.

One elderly Slovyansk resident, identified as Tatyana, proclaimed "They [Ukrainian government] kneel to that Biden — may he die!"

Many of those who have suffered in the war-torn east of Ukraine are beginning to believe that the war has become a proxy conflict between the United States and Russia.

While billions pour into Ukraine, the people caught in the middle are getting disillusioned, and their ire is being directed at Ukraine and the United States, not Russia.

A lot has changed in three months for Ukrainians to be wishing death on the President of the United States. A swift resolution to the war is needed, and the billions in foreign aid that the United States cannot even afford are actually prolonging the conflict.

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