BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught Red-Handed In Fentanyl Scandal - Deadly Corruption...

October 3, 2022

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel blasted President Joe Biden for over politicizing "rainbow Fentanyl."

McDanial said that President Joe Biden and his democrats are putting children "on the front line of a drug crisis" over their politicization of "rainbow fentanyl."

"Democrats do not care about the safety of our children," the chairwoman said.

"Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officials raised the alarm that Mexican drug cartels are disguising 'rainbow fentanyl' pills as candy to get young individuals hooked as early as possible to drive their profits," reported Breitbart.

"Because of Joe Biden’s open border, our children are now on the front line of a drug crisis," McDaniel continued.

"Cartels and criminals are capitalizing on and exploiting Democrats' negligence by targeting our children. Deadly 'rainbow fentanyl' is a serious threat, but instead of taking this seriously, Joe Biden and Democrats put politics ahead of our children’s safety," McDaniel said.

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