BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught In Sick Plan With Foreign Illegals - GOP Blows The Whistle...

July 25, 2022

President Biden and his administration are considering a plan that would give illegal immigrants government identification cards as part of the ongoing "catch and release."

Instead of deporting the massive number of illegal immigrants that cross the border, the Biden administration has been releasing captured immigrants into the United States to await court dates.

Of course, most of those illegal immigrants disappear into the United States and now the Biden administration wants to make it easier for those immigrants to gain public assistance.

The ID cards would help illegal immigrants gain access to welfare and other social services. This would further incentivize illegal immigrants to make dangerous trips across the border into the United States.

A report from Axios also noted that the Biden administration hopes to get Congressional approval for the insane plan before the November midterm elections.

President Biden's sick plan must be stopped at all costs as it will exponentially worsen the border crisis and further burden our social safety systems.

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