BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught In Fraud Scandal - Here Are Details...

August 4, 2022

President Joe Biden's Department of Homeland Security plans to issue ID cards to illegal immigrants in a move that House Republicans warn will encourage and create welfare fraud.

“… the issuance of ID cards raises the possibility that illegal aliens will use these identification cards to improperly access benefits such as housing, healthcare, and transportation,” the Republicans wrote.

DHS officials say the cards will save the agency (and taxpayers) money, but that money will quickly be lost and then some if those illegal immigrants use the cards to fraudulently get welfare benefits.

According to the Republicans, the cards would allow illegal immigrants to check in with ICE virtually rather than in person so that they don't just disappear into communities.

They felt that any savings the cards would give would be taken away by the need for increased security that would come from these virtual meetings and documents.

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