BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught In COVID Scheme - Evidence Proves He's...

October 17, 2022

Despite declaring the Covid-19 pandemic "over" just weeks ago, President Joe Biden made the decision to extend the public health emergency status for Covid-19 on Thursday.

The emergency status will continue through Jan. 11, 2023, raising serious questions about why the President declared the pandemic over if he planned to extend emergency status.

The answer to why the Biden administration is extending the emergency order boils down to money.

The emergency status keeps the U.S. in a pandemic response mode, and that means billions of dollars will continue to flow despite the teetering economy and rising inflation.

Of course, spending billions of dollars is even more irresponsible, considering Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths continue to collapse even as the fall season sets in.

The evidence is clear, the Biden administration is going to continue to keep the pipeline open, and the pharmaceutical industry, alongside the healthcare industry, will continue to receive billions.

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