BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught In Communist Scandal - Proof Shocks Nation...

August 7, 2022

Emails from Hunter Biden's laptop show that then-Vice President Joe Biden met at the White House with two Chinese Communist Party energy executives on the same day in 2014--despite saying he wasn't involved in Hunter's business dealings.

Biden and his staff have said at least seven times that he had no involvement in Hunter's foreign business dealings, but laptop data shows he was involved at least 18 separate times.

White House visitor logs confirm Biden's visits with the CCP executives from Wanxiang and with only one day's notice.

A Hunter Biden-owned business client Great Point partnered with Wanxiang in 2012 on a $1.25 billion natural gas plant in communist China.

Rosemont Seneca Partners, Hunter's business, also invested in the Fisker car company, which was bought by Wanxiang after it went bankrupt. Hunter Biden is listed as a creditor in Fisker's bankruptcy filings.

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