BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught In BIG MISTAKE - Experts Concerned...

July 9, 2022

Ken Rogoff is a Professor of Economics at Harvard University.

You and I may pretend to understand the economy, but the honest truth is that it would be years and years before we could accrue all of the economic knowledge rolling around in Rogoff's noggin.

So when he says he's worried, we should listen.

Rogoff has said that both Biden and the Federal Reserve have been making quite a bit of mistakes lately.

His biggest fear?

That they try to correct them.

"I mean, it’s a very odd mix of having the employment report good and the growth be negative. Everything after the pandemic’s very odd. I think the question about will we have a recession is how easily will they get inflation down. And I’m worried that the Fed, they’re talking tough, I suspect they’ll blink, but I’m worried that, having made some big mistakes, the Biden administration made big mistakes and the Fed made big mistakes, and I’d say a lot of academic economists supported what they were doing and had it wrong, they’re in danger of making a big mistake in the other direction and overshooting and trying to bring it down too quickly."

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