BREAKING: Joe Biden Called Out Over HIDING Oil - Nation FUMING...

October 4, 2022

All the left can talk about is "equity," but when it comes to oil drilling by indigenous peoples, they are all-too-willing to throw equity right out the window.

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) said that tribes criticizing the Biden administration “know what’s best for themselves. They know what their members need. They know the advantages,” but that Democrats think it's more important to keep "oil in the ground.”

“It really is something. And you have treaty rights here, you have — obviously — some legacy obligations here,  he said. "But the fact of the matter is, they are sovereign in how they govern themselves, and that same sovereignty in how you govern yourself means — extends really to your natural resources."

Democrats are being "hypocrites" towards Native Americans in order to cripple oil and gas production, Cramer said on Fox Business Network's Kudlow.

"It’s their natural resources," he pointed out. "And you would think that, just as a matter of justice, we hear a lot about justice and equity from the left, and yet, here’s a situation where they certainly seem to have thrown some of those priorities out the window and replaced it instead with keeping oil in the ground.”

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