BREAKING: Joe Biden Brought To SCREECHING Halt - America Shocked...

August 25, 2022

J.D. Vance, the Republican nominee for the United States Senate in Ohio is calling for the Republican Party to unite and "put the brakes" on President sleepy Joe Biden's political agenda.

Vance, according to his comments, thinks it is going to take the Republican Party coming together to stop Biden and his administration from further damaging America.

A transcript of Vance's comments is as follows:

LARRY KUDLOW of Fox Business Network asked: "Have you made peace with Mitch McConnell? Would you vote for Mitch McConnell if you’re elected and you all take the Senate back?"

JD VANCE: "I’ve made peace with anyone who will help us win. The primaries are over. It’s time for Republicans to actually unite."

Vance continued, reminding the GOP they need to unite.

"McConnell has been helpful to us in Ohio. Other people have been helpful to us. And my view is, whether my guy won the primary or not, whether I was your guy in the primary, it’s time for us to unite as a party, take back the Senate and the House, and put the brakes on the Biden agenda," Vance said.

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