BREAKING: It FINALLY Happened To Hunter Biden - America Stunned...

November 2, 2022

Senator Ron Johnson is a Republican from Wisconsin. He recently appeared on Fox News and confirmed what is sure to be the worst nightmare for many Americans:

Never knowing the REAL story behind Hunter Biden.

We know that Hunter Biden is a burned-out, drug-addicted "artist" who only has any sort of career because of who his father is.

Hunter Biden has never earned one thing on his own. Just look at the "paintings" he puts out as proof. Nobody in their right mind would pay a penny for these ink splotches... unless they were done by the son of the president of the United States. Even then, we don't really know WHY the paintings were bought. Their hideous looks couldn't have attracted many buyers, it was probably more likely seen as a chance to get in with the president by throwing his son a couple bucks.

So even though Hunter has never earned anything, he still has EVERYTHING.

How? We may never know. And that's what Ron Johnson is worried about.

"I’m highly concerned," Johnson said. "My concern is what they will do is they will do some kind of plea agreement with Hunter Biden and then seal the records. And Americans will maybe never hear the full truth. But, no, this is — this is not an equal system of justice we have here. Certainly not under the Biden administration. We need equal justice."

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