BREAKING: Iran Nuclear Blast From Ted Cruz - World SHOCKED...

August 24, 2022

Ted Cruz came out firing recently, promising to take his best shot at reversing any potential nuclear deal with Iran.

The Republican Senator from Texas rejected the idea of a new Iran nuclear deal on August 23 when rumors arose of an imminent agreement.

"A year ago, Joe Biden gave Afghanistan to the Taliban," Cruz began, referring to Biden's premature evacuation in Afghanistan that cost American lives.

"Now he intends to give a nuclear arsenal to Iran. Thousands of people will die because of the Iranian terrorism enabled by this deal. Tens of millions may die because of the nuclear arsenal it will provide to the Ayatollah."

When President Joe Biden took office last year, he vowed to renew the nuclear deal that had began its life under President Obama.

Allowing this deal to go through could have grave consequences for the entire world. Unfortunately, liberals don't think about millions of other people, they think of themselves.

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