BREAKING: Invasion Alert Confirmed - America Under Urgent Alarm...

October 17, 2022

Members of the GOP have decided to put an end to President Biden's open borders. Enough is enough.

"Legislation introduced Friday by Rep. Andy Biggs would give states the power to pass and enact immigration enforcement laws that match federal laws -- to combat what he described as a 'historic invasion' of illegal immigrants into the U.S.," reported Fox.

The 'State Immigration Enforcement Act' would allow states and localities to 'enact, implement and enforce criminal penalties that penalize the same conduct that is prohibited in the criminal provisions' of federal immigration laws, as long as they do not exceed federal laws and penalties," reported Fox News.

"The bill would give congressional authorization for states and local governments to act, which they have so far been stopped from doing due to a 2012 Supreme Court decision," reported Fox. "Reps. Bob Good, R-Va., Randy Weber, R-Texas, and Ted Budd, R-N.C., are all co-sponsors on the legislation."

"That decision, U.S. v Arizona, limited states' involvement in immigration enforcement. But with a massive spike in illegal activity at the border, and with what Republicans say is an abrogation of responsibility by the Biden administration, the legislation would authorize state and local governments to step in," according to Fox News.

"Congress must authorize states to act, because the Biden Administration has refused to enforce our nation’s federal immigration laws amid a historic invasion," Biggs said. "On day one, the Biden Administration began issuing directives to stop nearly every border security and immigration enforcement tool in order to implement its radical open-borders agenda. The result has led to an unprecedented crisis at our border."

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