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September 14, 2022

Director of My Son Hunter, Robert Davi, recently discussed how the right gaining ground in the entertainment arena that has been dominated for decades by the left.

"The Post Millennial, a Canada-based conservative news and commentary website, hailed My Son Hunter as movie that 'exists on the vanguard of a Conservative film movement that doesn’t feel beholden to the claustrophobic strictures of Leftist Hollywood,'" reports Breitbart.

"The Right can frame an argument and get an emotional response from youth, from people, and hit them in the solar plexus," Davi said.

"Davi made the comment about the opportunity the Right has when it accepts messaging through culture," according to Breitbart.

"Politics is downstream of culture, and culture is provocative," Davi said, quoting Andrew Brietbart.

"Davi described the Left’s takeover of Hollywood as an 'incremental phenomenon' that mirrors their capture of other American institutions, such as academia," reported Breitbart.

"'Marx and Lenin knew that they had to affect culture,' Davi explained and then noted how their ideology began infiltrating in the 20s through the 50s, making headway bit by bit. One difference between those eras and today was that in the past galvanizing figures would emerge to combat the encroaching Marxist takeover of the arts," reported Breitbart.

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