BREAKING: Insider Reveals FBI Deception Conspiracy - Trump Was Right...

August 11, 2022

Whenever the word "whistleblower" is thrown around, you know that we're in the middle of a mess.

Somebody's going down, and the person tattling on them won't reveal their identity.

The person getting ratted on this time?

In an ironic turn of events, it's the FBI.

A whistleblower recently came forward and provided the name of a SECOND FBI official who has been pressuring agents to inflate the number of "domestic violent extremism" cases in America?

The tactic?

Tell FBI employees to label more cases as "domestic violent extremism" so that the agency can report that there are currently a high number of terrorists in America.

Many of them conservative parents concerned about their children.

Jill Sanborn currently works for Roku, but had spent more than two decades at the FBI.

The whistleblower is claiming that Sanborn "exerted pressure on agents to reclassify cases as DVE [domestic violent extremism] matters."

You can read a copy of the whistleblower's full letter at the link below:

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