BREAKING: Hunter Biden Shocker Linked To Megyn Kelly - Trump Smiling...

September 24, 2022

If there is a conservative journalist in America that doesn't owe Donald Trump anything, it's Megyn Kelly.

So when even she is complaining about the unfair treatment that the Trump family is receiving compared to the Biden family, America should listen.

Kelly has personal beef with Trump. She wouldn't be defending him if what she was saying was not the truth. She has no reason to lie for Trump, and she's one of the last people in the world that I would expect to do so.

"Lots of indictments of Trump — not a one on Hunter Biden," Kelly said.

That's despite all of the terrible evidence we have against Hunter Biden, including the laptop that has been proven without a doubt to belong to him.

When even Megyn Kelly is crying that liberals are on a witch hunt to get Trump, it's time for the DNC to try a new strategy.

America is tired of their current one.

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