BREAKING: Hunter Biden PRISON Announcement - What Do You Think...

August 20, 2022

Author and Breitbart Senior Contributor Peter Schweizer said in a Newsmax interview on Thursday that Americans have gone to jail for less than what Hunter Biden has done, according to documents found on his laptop that he left at a Delaware computer shop.

Specifically, Schweizer said that the documents showed Biden acted as a lobbyist for foreign business interests without ever registering as a foreign agent, which violates the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

If he had registered, it would have violated ethics considerations and possibly hurt his father's bid for the presidency.

“There have been Americans over the last five, six years, especially, that have gone to jail for doing far less on that front than Hunter Biden himself has done,” Schweizer said. “Not to mention the tax evasion and the questions about foreign corruption.”

Compared to the recent FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago, the treatment of Biden is "wildly inconsistent" and biased depending on the person's political party, Schweizer accused.

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