BREAKING: Hunter Biden Named As Possible Security Threat - Report Stuns...

September 18, 2022

"My Son Hunter" Director Robert Davi called out President Biden's son, Hunter Biden, for his "debauched lifestyle" that has "compromised" the nation's security.

During an interview on Tuesday on the David Webb Show, Davi said "In this film, I try not to demonize drug addiction, but the truth of the matter is, Hunter's moral code and debauched lifestyle have potentially compromised America, and it's fine with everybody on the left. They just smile around because that's what they want. It's not right. I hate that hypocrisy."

Hunter Biden's bad behavior and corrupt business practices stretch all the way back to when his father was former President Obama's Vice President.

Davi continued saying, "The American people deserve better, and for decades our politicians have just sold America to the highest bidder and this film exposes some of that, as well as saying that someone is so close to the White House and has access while he's hitting a crack pipe every 15 minutes, [with connections to] the communist Chinese spy chief and Russian mafia."

The Biden family's corruption makes the Clinton family's image look squeaky clean by comparison. These people should not be allowed near the levers of power.

In a saner world, Congress would have investigated and solved this issue long ago. However, the Democrat Party is a partisan entity that has no interest in punishing one of its own.

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