BREAKING: Hunter Biden Hit With Cruz Missile - BOOM

October 31, 2022

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) blasted the Biden administration during an interview with FNC's Sunday Morning Futures, where he called out the Justice Department for protecting Hunter Biden.

Cruz began the interview by saying, "Well, the evidence of corruption is now becoming overwhelming. And we have seen in the last month the Biden Department of Justice actively leaking that it intends to indict Hunter Biden. And I have to say, those leaks are troubling on three different bases. Number one, the Department of Justice shouldn't be leaking anything. That is against the law. To the extent that revealing grand jury secrets, that is, in fact, a criminal offense, and they're playing politics. They're not engaged in law enforcement."

The Department of Justice is a strictly partisan entity at this point and Americans cannot trust them to act in an objective manner as long as President Biden is in office.

What is worse is the Department of Justice is using Hunter Biden's addiction issues to distract from the Biden family's corrupt business dealings overseas.

Cruz continued by saying, "If Hunter Biden was just a regular guy who struggled with addiction, it wouldn't be a matter of public interest. The reason it is a matter of public interest is there is significant and, in fact, overwhelming evidence that Hunter Biden was actively involved in official corruption with his father, Joe Biden. And that involves both Ukraine and the natural gas company Burisma that paid Hunter Biden $83,000 a month when he spoke no Ukrainian and knew nothing about oil and gas."

Americans deserve to know the truth about the Biden family business, and if it is true that President Biden was selling access to the White House via Hunter Biden, he must be impeached.

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