BREAKING: Hunter Biden Finally Caught By GOP - Justice Is Coming...

October 30, 2022

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) promised that Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden, will be called to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee should Republicans take power in the Senate.

Grassley is hoping to win reelection and if Republicans control the Senate, the Biden family will finally have to testify under oath about their business activities.

Grassley, along with Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), recently turned over 200 pages of evidence to the prosecutor in charge of the investigation into Hunter Biden.

FBI agents already claim they have enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with tax fraud and lying during his purchase of a handgun.

However, Republicans are hoping to uncover more evidence about Hunter Biden's corrupt international activities which won't happen until they control the Senate.

Luckily, Republicans are poised to take power in the Senate in the midterm elections. Barring a miracle for Democrats, the Biden family will be in serious trouble when the next legislative session begins.

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