BREAKING: Hunter Biden Did The Deed Inside Chinese Embassy - Proof Stuns...

September 2, 2022

Hunter Biden has been getting things done inside the Chinese Embassy, according to reports.

"Hunter Biden was instrumental in helping a Rosemont Seneca Partners client and Democratic donor secure an event at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., after networking with one of the top officials at the embassy during a January 2011 luncheon hosted by then-Vice President Biden," according Fox.

Fox News Digital reviewed emails that revealed Hunter's assistance in securing the event.

"Those emails show that Hunter and his former business partner, Eric Schwerin, helped Marvin Lang, the managing director of Guardian Realty in Maryland, plan a dinner with the Chinese Embassy’s minister, Deng Hongbo, on April 28, 2011, which was later touted on China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs website," reported Fox.

"Ted Kaufman, a longtime friend of President Biden and part of his inner circle of advisers dating back to the 1970s, was the keynote speaker at the annual investment dinner and was paid $10,000 following the dinner for his services," according to an email from Schwerin to Lang, reported by Fox.

"Planning for the event appears to have started in December 2010 after Lang, who has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats, emailed Hunter thanking him for meeting him for lunch and saying he was 'excited' to form a 'long relationship' with Rosemont, Hunter and Schwerin’s now-defunct investment firm. Guardian bills itself as a 'fully integrated real estate investment company that develops, redevelops, acquires, manages, operates, and owns a portfolio A-/B+ commercial office space,' according to Fox News.

Whatever this means, it's clear that Hunter Biden has his fingers in anything he can get them in.

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