BREAKING: Hunter Biden About To Finally Get What He Deserves - BOOM

October 10, 2022

NBC News Justice and Intelligence Correspondent Ken Dilanian admitted during a discussion about Hunter Biden's potential legal troubles that it was a "mistake" not to cover the Hunter Biden laptop story when it first broke, given that much of the data it contained has since been verified and proven true.

Dilanian made excuses for why the story wasn't covered, including "a long history of presidential relatives getting into trouble" and the supposed co-occurring "Russian disinfo" campaign to amplify the story.

Never mind that the Russian disinfo campaign was made up on the spot by Big Tech operatives to squelch the story and turned out to be completely untrue.

Dilanian also said that he didn't think Biden would be much impacted if charges were brought against his son, provided that Biden didn't personally profit from Hunter's crimes.

That's a big if at this point though, with former Hunter Biden business partners ready to testify that Joe Biden did profit from it, to the tune of millions of dollars.

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