BREAKING: Howard Stern Finally Gets What He Deserves - Trump Is Laughing...

September 15, 2022

Sirius XM shock jock Howard Stern has been peddling conspiracies about Mar-A-Lago and former President Donald Trump that are even more out there than his usual material.

Stern has been calling Trump supporters "morons" and saying that Trump took nuclear secrets from the White House so he could sell them to Saudi Arabia and the Russians.

“This is a guy who badly wants to do business with Russia and Saudi Arabia,” Stern said. “Imagine if he says to them ‘look man, give me a couple billion dollars, and I’ll show ya where France keeps their nuclear weapons, and you guys can see all this sh*t if you do business with me.”

Stern's comments don't have evidence to back them up and mirror unsubstantiated rumors that have circulated about the documents seized from Trump's residence by the FBI.

He also floated a theory that Trump just"wanted" the documents for no good reason.

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