BREAKING: Horrible Diagnosis Shocks President Biden - It's Worse Than...

September 23, 2022

It's common for Republicans to not support what a liberal president is doing in office.

Joe Biden has bigger problems then that, though. Independents aren't supporting him either.

Over 25 times more independent voters would currently rank Biden's economy as "very bad" as compared to "very good."

More than half of independent voters think that the economy right now is "very bad." Just 2% believe it is "very good."

Beyond the "very" extremes in the poll, people were still overwhelmingly pessimistic. Only 20% think the economy is "good" or "very good" while 77% believe it is "bad" or "very bad."

Joe Biden simply isn't doing a good job combating inflation. His only plan now? To spend more.

Who's going to tell him that's not going to work?

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