BREAKING: Hillary Just Made SHOCKING Presidential Campaign Announcement - WOW

July 3, 2022

Hillary Clinton isn't done making bad decisions.

It started with marrying Bill Clinton and has continued into present day.

She might be the biggest failure in the history of the American presidential race, but the lady still dares to show her face to blow around her stupid opinions.

Her last doozy is sure to anger even liberals.

Hillary Clinton has officially announced that she "would endorse" Joe Biden if he runs in 2024.

Of course, most of America is praying that Joe Biden is nowhere near the podium by the time the next presidential election rolls around, but Hillary apparently feels differently.

She must love the unchecked inflation, open borders, COVID lockdowns, and war running rampant that has highlighted Joe's presidency.

Well guess what Hillary.

Everything that Joe has brought us, real Americans hate.

Endorsing him shows just how out-of-touch Hillary really is.

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