BREAKING: Hillary Clinton FBI Conspiracy - The Raid That Never Happened...

August 10, 2022

While the FBI is busy raiding former President Donald Trump's home, Hillary Clinton sits in a corner knowing she's been protected by the hypocritical Democrats and their croooked entities.

"Amid reports that former President Donald Trump took various White House items to his home in Mar-A-Lago, former first lady Hillary Clinton also left the White House with permanent artifacts but never faced any consequences," reports Breitbart News.

"President Bill Clinton and his wife departed in 2001 with a spree of lavish gifts, but also took home property from the permanent White House collection," according to Breitbart.

"The Clintons’ financial-disclosure forms revealed that they walked away with $190,027 worth of furniture, china, flatware, art, and other gifts, nearly half of it acquired in their final year. It also turned out that they took some property that actually belonged to the permanent White House collection," wrote Sally Bedell Smith in her book For Love Of Politics.

"An unprecedented FBI raid for cocktail napkins and dinner menus," Sarah Westwood tweeted.

"In Donald Trump’s statement regarding the FBI raid on his home Monday, he highlighted that Hillary Clinton also brought home various expensive items when she left the White House in 2001," reported Breitbart.

"Hillary Clinton was allowed to delete and acid wash 33,000 E-mails AFTER they were subpoenaed by Congress. Absolutely nothing has happened to hold her accountable. She even took antique furniture, and other items from the White House," Trump said.

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