BREAKING: He's RESIGNING After Assault Claim - It's Official...

August 19, 2022

Previously, Dan Price was in the headlines for being the Seattle CEO who cut his salary to raise his worker's pay.

Now he's in the headline for different reasons:

Being accused of multiple crimes, including assault, and resigning as the CEO of Gravity Payments.

Seattle outlet King 5 reported that "Price pleaded not guilty to one charge of misdemeanor assault and one charge of reckless driving related to the incident in May. A harassment no-contact order was also issued."

Price told his employees that he was leaving as a result.

I guess the idea here is that he's leaving, but can we please get this man some English lessons to go along with his diversity training or whatever he needs?

Throughout the letter, he says "I resigned," "my presence is a distraction here," and "need to step aside." He then also says "I'm not going anywhere."

Uhh, yes you are, Dan. You just spent an entire paragraph explaining why you were going somewhere.

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