BREAKING: He's Been Found Guilty Of Hiding Crime - Nation Shocked...

October 9, 2022

Uber's former head of security, Joe Sullivan, was found guilty on Wednesday of hiding a breach of customer and driver records from government regulators.

The case began in 2016 when the Federal Trade Commission began investigating a breach of Uber's online infrastructure. During that investigation, Sullivan discovered a breach affecting 57 million riders.

Sullivan hid that breach from the FTC, leading to a jury finding him guilty of obstructing the FTC's investigation and one count of misprision or acting to hide a felony from authorities.

Sullivan's lawyer issued a statement saying, "While we obviously disagree with the jury's verdict, we appreciate their dedication and effort in this case. Mr. Sullivan's sole focus — in this incident and throughout his distinguished career — has been ensuring the safety of people's personal data on the internet."

It seems that Sullivan wasn't as dedicated to the safety of Uber clients' personal data as his lawyer would have us believe. In fact, Uber has been plagued by data breaches over the years.

Uber's online systems were hacked as recently as September, and it seems that Sullivan was the symptom of a greater problem at the ride-sharing company.

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