BREAKING: Here's What Media Won't Tell You About Pelosi's Attack - Shocking Truth...

November 4, 2022

The corporate media continue to show their true corrupt colors.

"Watching the overpaid, blow-dried hoaxsters who run the corporate media haplessly attempt to frame Republicans for whatever happened to Paul Pelosi last week is like watching Lou Costello parallel park," wrote John Nolte of Breitbart.

"Outside of losing their moral authority and influence, the corporate media are becoming more incompetent by the day. Fifteen years ago, with billions of corporate dollars backing their lies and a near-monopoly on public information, this frame-up would have worked like a charm. But the execution would not have been as ham-handed as this one," Nolte added.

"These people are not just fascist and corrupt; they’re idiots," Nolte wrote.

Nolte continued, listing 6 reasons the media’s attempt to frame us for whatever happened to Paul Pelosi has so spectacularly failed.

At one point in the incredibly well-done article, Nolte talks about the hypocrisy of the corporate media:

"Do the corporate media honestly believe we have forgotten how they laughed and made jokes about a Democrat assaulting Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)?

Do the media honestly believe we have forgotten how after Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by a Democrat assassin, they dropped the story after 18 hours?

Do the media believe we have forgotten how they blamed Trump for the leftists who caused violence at his rallies or how they ignored the firebombing of countless pregnancy centers, the SWAT-ing of Republican politicians, and told us Antifa attacks on state capitols were mostly peaceful?

And do the media honestly believe we have forgotten how after the terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa wounded up to 50(!) Secret Service agents during a 2020 attack on the White House, the corporate media ridiculed Trump over reports of him being rushed to a secure location?"

To see the full story, and trust me, you should, go read Nolte's fantastic writing by clicking here.