BREAKING: Here's What FBI Doesn't Want You To Know About Mar-A-Lago Raid - WOW

August 12, 2022

Conservative podcaster Sebastian Gorka said Thursday on Breitbart News Daily that FBI agents told to raid Mar-A-Lago should have resigned instead.

The raid was nothing more than a “state-sanctioned burglary” and an “act of political revenge,” Gorka told host Alex Marlow.

“The FBI is now like the Gestapo,” he added. “It is a political arm of the administration and the Democrat Party.”

He continued, “I would hope that you, Alex, I would hope that I, I would hope that anyone listening to this show, if they were in the position of being a special agent handed that warrant would say, ‘No, Here’s my badge. Here’s my gun.'”

He stated, “They tried to kill the king, and when you try to kill the king, you better kill him, because if you don’t — and they didn’t — you make him stronger than ever, and it is my absolute 100-percent certitude that President Trump is now stronger than he has ever been.”

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