BREAKING: Here's The Roe v Wade Secret Dems Don't Want America Know

July 12, 2022

There are a lot of lies out there being floated by liberals trying to scare you into thinking that the repealing of Roe v. Wade was going to have extreme negative effects.

Here are some of their favorites:

Abortion has been outlawed.

Actually, it hasn't. It's just been clarified that abortion was never protected by the Constitution, as Roe v. Wade claimed it had.

States now decide their own abortion laws. It's NOT illegal.

Women are being "sent back to the 1950s."

I guess they're trying to say that the last time abortion wasn't acceptable birth control was the 1950s?

Nobody is interested in controlling women, we are interested in saving the BABY.

If you don't want to have a child, an abortion is NOT the answer.

The answer would be to wear a condom, practice abstinence, or being more selective about sexual partners.

The far and away most common reason that women have abortions is because they would just rather not be burdened with a child.

Let's stop pretending most abortions are for anything but that.

It's simply another liberal lie.

Just like the rest of them.

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