BREAKING: He Makes The Presidential Announcement - DIdn't See It Coming...

August 2, 2022

An Arkansas Republican is stepping up and saying he is considering running for president in the 2024 election, but will it be short lived?

The Washington Post reported that Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said he was "thinking" about running for president in 2024.

"Hutchinson advised that a decision to run would not be made until after the 2022 midterms but emphasized that 2024 was 'critical in terms of shaping the Republican Party,'" reported Breitbart.

"It is really critical that we save that until after November of this year," Hutchinson said.

"And so, obviously, I am thinking about it, but I am not going to be having any decision until next January. We are going to focus on this year. But 2024 is so critical in terms of shaping the Republican Party, and so, whether it is as a candidate or whether it is in some other role, I certainly want to be a voice. And this is an important point: Somehow, people think that if you are not 100% pure behind Donald Trump, then somehow, you are a moderate," he continued.

"My record is as conservative as anyone in the United States of America. But I am able to reach across the aisle to help. And so, it’s an effective message," Hutchinson added.

"But I think the test in 2024 is can a conservative who has a more optimistic view of America, that does not resort to personal grievances, can that person win? And that is what I want to be able to support in the fight for 2024," Governor Hutchinson concluded.

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