BREAKING: He Admits It's OVER, Serves No Purpose - Voters Shocked...

October 24, 2022

Nigel Farage, British broadcaster and former politician, said that he thinks the Conservative party is DONE.

Farage told Fox News Digital that the Conservative party is "finished" and serves "no purpose,"

Farage continued, hinting at new party and insinuating that the Conservative Party can survive by reinventing itself.

"The resignation of Liz Truss as Britain’s prime minister just 44 days after taking the post has left the Conservative Party with an unclear future, with Nigel Farage declaring the party 'dead' while others argue the party must evolve to survive the challenge of new 'movements,'" reported Fox News.

"The British Conservative Party is finished, it is dead," Farage said. "After 200 years of existence, it now serves no purpose. The space is opening up for a new center-right political movement."

"Truss announced her resignation just one day after declaring she was 'a fighter and not a quitter,' caving to party pressure and setting in motion a leadership election that will take place 'within the next week.' She backtracked on a number of planned tax cuts outlined in her 'mini-budget,' which provoked a strong reaction from the markets that saw the pound’s value drop to record lows, forcing Truss to fire Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng," reported Fox News.

"Farage, mastermind of the Brexit Party 'Reform UK' in the European Parliament, on Thursday posted a video to Twitter in which he urged 'big guns' from the party to join him in helping to 'replace' the Conservative Party, saying he 'can’t do this' on his own," reported Fox.

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