BREAKING: Gun BAN Report Shocks Voters - Democrat Launches Plan...

October 4, 2022

Twice in 2022, Democrat Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman stated that he supports banning the ownership--not just the sale--of rifles, as videos furnished by the Republican National Committee show.

“I’ve always supported a ban to the assault rifle ownership,” Fetterman stated on April 11th. “We should not have weapons of war in the hands of civilians.”

Fetterman has supported ending the filibuster in order to ban sale and ownership of rifles as well.

“That’s one of the main reasons why I called for the elimination of the filibuster. Eighty to ninety percent of Americans support the elimination — excuse me — banning assault rifle ownership and common sense gun control legislation,” he said in another video on April 9.

Fetterman has had a drastic change in position since he served on former President Barack Obama’s Pennsylvania Sportsmen and Sportswomen for Obama Steering Committee, when he attacked Hillary Clinton for being too strict on gun control. He also pulled a gun on a black jogger at one point before his candidacy.

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