BREAKING: Gov. Slams Biden After Link To Murder Scandal - Voters Shocked...

July 18, 2022

You can add Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) to the growing list of people who just can't believe that President Joe Biden would rather cozy up to some of the slimiest people on Earth than open up domestic oil production here in the U.S.

Ducey slammed Biden on CNN for fist-bumping a "murderer," Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman while visiting the Saudis last week.

"President Biden is flying to the Middle East and fist bumping with murderers and despots, asking for more supply," Ducey said. "What he could do is open up the Keystone pipeline. What he could do is work with America’s energy leaders and provide more supply of fossil fuels, of clean energy and solve this crisis."

He encouraged Biden to lead in the same way he has done in Arizona, by making the most of U.S. resources.

We’re not going to do anything in Arizona that’s temporary or a gimmick or puts my successor in a terrible spot with the voters. We’re going to have good policy here, and Joe Biden could lead from the White House as well,” he concluded.

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