BREAKING: Gov. Ron DeSantis Finally Pulls The Trigger - Nation Shocked...

November 3, 2022

Ron DeSantis has done it for the first time ever.

Never before has he appeared in an ad for an out-of-state Republican, but his status as a figurehead of the current Republican Party means it's time for him to start doing just that.

DeSantis recently recorded an ad endorsing Senator Mike Lee's reelection bid in Utah.

Ron's ad was produced by a conservative group that has spent $8,000,000 on trying to make sure that Lee stays in office.

They're clearly dedicated to the cause. Just like Ron.

DeSantis has also campaigned for Rep. Lee Zeldin in New York, but this is the first video ad he has appeared in.

DeSantis also supports candidates like Kari Lake in Arizona, Tim Michels in Wisconsin, Republican Derek Schmitt in Kansas, Mark Ronchetti in New Mexico, and Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania.

Ron's efforts may be hitting their intended result, Lee currently holds a comfortable lead over his Democratic challenger.

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