BREAKING: Gov. DeSantis Puts New Bombshell Into America - I Can't Stop Laughing...

September 21, 2022

Liberals will try to tell you that a lot of abortions don't ACTUALLY take place so close to birth.

They say that the idea that the babies can feel pain is largely untrue.

But now we have the numbers, and it turns out they've been lying all along.

Even liberals will admit that babies can feel pain after 15-weeks in the womb. So then why do they allow abortions after that point?

For any of them telling you that not many fetuses that age are aborted, they're simply wrong.

Each year, just shy of 56,000 abortions happen in which the baby that can feel pain is ripped from its mother's womb and murdered.

To produce a national estimate of abortions at 15 weeks or later, Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) first reviewed available state abortion reporting from all the states that report. When states reported gestational ages using broad ranges (e.g., grouping abortions at 13-15 weeks of gestation together), CLI estimated the percentage occurring at 15 weeks by using data from states that reported abortions by individual week of gestation.

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