BREAKING: Gov. DeSantis Drops Kamala Harris In Epic Beatdown - I Can't Stop Laughing...

July 25, 2022

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida dropped a bomb on Vice President Kamala Harris and this is both awesome and hilarious.

DeSantis explained why he was wrong at first about President Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate.

DeSantis said despite Harris' shortcomings, she, as an alternative to Biden, should Biden be ousted through impeachment or the 25th Amendment was not a viable option as commander-in-chief in the eyes of many.

"So here’s the thing – I thought Biden picking her at first was like the worst decision ever because she’s not great," DeSantis said.

"But she’s like the best impeachment insurance and 25th amendment insurance anyone could have," DeSantis added.

Hahahaha. DeSantis actually said that. Impeachment insurance.

DeSantis didn't stop there, but instead clarified how awful he thinks Harris is one more time.

"Because as bad as Biden is, even though he can barely read the teleprompter, and as much as people disapprove of him, nobody wants Harris, and so they’d much rather stick with Biden floundering around than actually turn the wheels of power over to somebody that clearly is in over her head," said DeSantis.