BREAKING: Gov DeSantis Cheering After Court Says YES - Victory Is SWEET

October 27, 2022

Ron DeSantis isn't afraid to celebrate a big win when he sees one, and he just saw a big win.

So did freedom. That's because DeSantis and freedom have the same goals.

Even though the decision was made in New York, and not Florida, DeSantis still knows the moral truth when he sees it, and he just saw it. New York City's unvaccinated employees that lost their jobs because of refusing to get the shot scored a big win in court.

"The NY Supreme Court struck down the COVID regime’s vaccine mandates and ordered the reinstatement of unvaxxed employees with back pay," DeSantis bellowed. "In Florida, no one had to choose between a job and a jab – I’m glad it’s finally like that in New York."

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